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How to Choose a Suitable Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt mixing equipment is a complete set of equipment used for mass production of asphalt mixture, and is necessary equipment for building expressways, grade highways, municipal roads, airports, ports, etc. Generally, the model and production capacity of the mixing equipment are determined according to the working conditions, construction requirements, quantities and construction period of the asphalt pavement.

Asphalt mixing equipment is divided into forced intermittent type and continuous type according to the mixing process; It is divided into fixed type and mobile type according to the mode of transportation. Luton Group can provide you more detailed contents.


Stationary Type or Mobile Type, Which one

If the construction site is fixed, select stationary type plant , otherwise select mobile type plant; If the quantity of work at the same construction site is small and the site is frequently transferred, select mobile type, otherwise select stationary type plant.

stationary asphalt mixing plant

Forced Batch Asphalt Plant or Continuous Asphalt Plant, Which one

The forced batch type plant host system is complete, and the single bucket scale is used for batch hot aggregate measurement; The continuous asphalt plant main machine has no screening system and no separate mixing system. The belt weigher is used for continuous cold aggregate measurement. Therefore, its structure is featured by simple structure, few components and convenient installation and maintenance. However, the requirements for the stability of aggregate supply are high.


If the aggregate source, classification quality, moisture content and dust rate are stable, the continuous type can be selected; otherwise, the forced batch type is recommended;
If higher buildings are allowed to be built on the mixing station site, select “forced intermittent type” and “continuous type” if not allowed;

The owner shall first consider the product procurement cost and maintenance and operation cost. The continuous procurement cost and maintenance and operation cost are relatively low, but the requirements for the specification grade and supply stability of aggregates are very high;

When the recycled materials are added in a forced batch plant, an additional recycled system must be added, and the added proportion of recycled materials is usually not more than 30-50%; Continuous type usually has recycling function, and the proportion of recycled materials can usually reach 50%.

Does the Asphalt Plant need to Be Equipped with a Recycling System

The government requires that old materials must be recycled, and as the basic condition for the owner to bid for the pavement works, the recycling system needs to be configured;
The owner considers that it needs to be used for pavement maintenance and construction now or in the future and needs to configure a recycling system;

asphalt recycling equipment

The owner considers the integrity and environmental protection of the mixing equipment function and needs to configure the recycling system to meet the requirements of more pavement construction;

There are two options for configuring the recycling system. First, you can choose the batch asphalt plant, but you need to configure a recycling system; second, you can choose the continuous asphalt plant without configuring additional recycling system.

How Long Does A Fixed Concrete Pump Last

Customers who have purchased concrete mixing trailer pumps or consumers who are about to buy them will want to know the quality of brand concrete mixing trailer pumps? How long is the working life? Today, let’s talk about how long the service life of a fixed concrete mixing trailer pump is.

portable concrete mixing pump

Generally speaking, the normal service life of fixed concrete mixing trailer pump is 7-8 years. Of course, that still requires you to perform regular maintenance. After all, the price of the static pump is far from cheap, and it is important to spend money to buy it home and maintain it well. So, how to maintain the concrete mixing pump to improve the service life? There are the following points:

1. In order to ensure the service life of the equipment, the purchased ground fixed pump should be equipped with the original spare parts provided by the merchant. Inappropriate accessories may cause greater wear and tear of the equipment.

2. The optimum ambient temperature for the concrete mixing trailer pump working state is -5℃ to 45℃. When the ambient temperature is not in this range, please contact professional after-sales service consultant to discuss detailed maintenance matters.

3. The concrete fixed trailer pump is only used for mixing and pumping concrete materials. And it is prohibited to use for mixing and conveying other materials. When it is necessary to stir or convey other materials, experts should be consulted for advice in advance, and the necessary measures should be taken before trial implementation.

4. The stationary concrete trailer pump should not be used on slopes, high voltage electricity, flammable, explosive and any other dangerous environment.

5. Without consent, it is forbidden to make any corrections and additions to the machine that may affect the safety.

Do a good job of basic maintenance and achieve standard construction, and the concrete fixed pump will naturally have a long service life.

If you want to know more details about other types of concrete pumps, like mobile concrete pump, diesel concrete pump, electricl concrete pump, as well as boom truck, please click here to get help.

Why Choose a Small Mobile Asphalt Plant

Asphalt mixing plant plays an important role in batch asphalt production. The structure of this equipment is simple and reasonable, and it meets the processing requirements of modern industry. Therefore, many industrial places will complete the production of asphalt through asphalt mixing plant. Now, in order to enable different industries to operate asphalt hot mix plants efficiently, the classification of equipment is also increasing. More and more asphalt mixing plants appear in the vision of the construction party and investors, such as forced batching asphalt plants, double drum asphalt plants, reclaimed asphalt plants, small asphalt plants and portable asphalt mix plants.

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At present, mobile and stationary asphalt mixing equipment are widely used. However, the stationary asphalt equipment can only complete the asphalt production and processing process at the designated position during operation, so it is far less flexible than the mobile asphalt station. In the following, the advantages of the mobile asphalt mixing plant will be emphatically discussed by taking the small mobile type asphalt mix plant for an example.


Features of small mobile hot mix asphalt plants are described as the following paragraph:

The small mobile asphalt plant is fast to transport from one site to another because of high portability, for example, fillers silo and mixing pot are equipped with tires. Of course, It also shortens the installation time, save some unnecessary labor cost and improve the efficiency of the whole team due to its simple structure.

The small mobile hot mix asphalt plants can drive for a long distance and doesn’t an extra trailer car, which saves the expense of hiring a truck man and a flat-bed trailer. Also, it is very easy to maintain and repair due to its modular design, which doesn’t need to cost a lot of manpower. What’s more, it doesn’t contain the mixing tower and vibrating screen, so its maintenance cost is also very low.


Compared with the stationary asphalt mix plant, a big part of that difference is that the most of asphalt mobile plants hardly lay the foundation. There is only one requirement that as long as the construction site is flat enough, it can work normally.

The small portable asphalt mixing plants are suitable for medium and small-size projects especially the special construction sites. For example, they can pass through the narrow road and reach the mountainous regions because of small size and high flexibility.

The small mobile asphalt plants are featured by fully automatic control and advanced control panel. Therefore it’s easy and smooth to operate even if a novice can master them in a short time, too. Meanwhile, the fully automatic control can save time and improve working efficiency.

LUTON small portable asphalt plant is fitted with various dust filters such as cyclone filter, gravity water filter and bag-house filter. Each one has a good dust collecting effect. Therefore it is environmental-friendly.