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How to Maintain the Concrete Boom Pump

The concrete boom pump, also called the concrete pump truck, is a machine which uses the pressure to convey concrete continuously along the pipe. By and large, it consists of the pump body and the delivery pipe. And to be more specific, the concrete pump truck is comprised of the pump body installed on an automobile chassis, the elastic placing boom and a truck. ( If you are also interested in any type of concrete pump, welcome to join me to discuss more details about it together.)


Maintaining and using a concrete boom pump is at a relatively high cost. Every part of the concrete boom pump is very important, and various faults will occur during the operation. The boom of the concrete boom pump is the core part, which supports the transmission pipeline and plays a vital role in the transportation of concrete. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the boom is particularly important. The relevant maintenance measures are shown as below:

  • Regularly lubricate and oil each lubricating point of the boom, and use the special grease for the boom of the pump truck to ensure its good working performance.
  • Bolt fasteners, nuts, etc. are regularly reinforced by torque wrench, and reinforced according to the torque of each bolt. If the bolts and nuts are to be replaced, please replace them according to the same specifications and models, including the strength grade of the bolts and nuts.
  • The balance valve of boom cylinder is easy to be blocked due to excessive hydraulic oil impurities. Therefore, the replacement of hydraulic oil of the pump truck should also follow the normal maintenance process of the pump truck.
  • Please use the original pump pipe. Because the material quality of many external pump pipes is not up to standard, the thickness of the pump pipe can only be increased to improve its anti-wear ability. However, the weight of the pump pipe with the same length will certainly increase, which will cause additional load on the boom and affect the service life of the boom. Therefore, try to use the original pump pipe.
  • If any problem is found, it shall be handled immediately. At present, some minor cracks of the boom can still be repaired. However, due to the steel used for the boom and the special welding process, the repair work should also be handled by a regular repair shop or a pump truck brand company.

32m concrete boom pump on site

In general, the boom maintenance of the concrete boom pump is very important. In case of an accident, the consequences will be very serious, and the later maintenance costs will be very high. Therefore, the pump truck boom should be checked regularly to ensure construction safety.

Factors that Affect the Price of Concrete Boom Pump

Concrete Boom Pump is a kind of high-efficient and automatic concrete placing equipment widely used as basic construction machinery. It is an ideal investment option if you want to join in the construction machinery industry.

LUTON Concrete Pump

You know, for the advanced design, complex production process, easy operation and convenient maintenance, the price of concrete boom pump is usually higher than of other pumps.

But how these factors affect the price? Or why it is expensive than other types of concrete pump products? Here reveals the details beneath the fact of concrete boom pump price.

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Raw Materials

As an important fact of product cost, raw material price affects the whole price of concrete boom pump.

High-quality raw material ( such as steel material, alloy material and so on ) is the basic assurance of high-performance concrete boom pump. Of course, the price is relative higher, which cause the basic price of the whole pump equipment.

Otherwise, it does not stay immutable, but fluctuates following the market. It is another aspect of affecting the price of concrete boom pump. Usually, the price will decrease when the
supply is beyond the demand. Conversely, it will increase when the supply can’t meet the demand.


Configuration is another important fact that influences the actual price of boom pump. We all know, there are many Components in a complex concrete boom pump system. The brand, quality, performance, service life of these components are the most crucial aspect affects the price, such as the PLC of Siemens, the relay of Schneider, the controller of Omron, the main oil pump of Kawasaki.

Just like the both sides of a coin, these parts from world famous brands, in one hand, ensures the high working performance of the concrete boom pump, but in the other hand, it leads the
high price.

Products Types

Different types leads to various concrete boom pump price. That is also an important influence.

The longer the concrete boom is, the higher the price is. That is certainly because that the longer concrete boom means the more advanced design process, the more complex producing
technology, and the longer manufacturing period. So it means the production cost is more and the price is higher.

38m concrete boom pump

Usually, concrete boom pumps are classified according to the length of the boom. The length of boom is designed differently by different manufacturers.

Generally speaking, there are three types of concrete boom pump, the short boom pump, the long boom pump and the super long boom pump. The short boom pumps refer to the booms length under 30 meters.

The boom length between 31m to 47m is called the long boom. And the super long boom means the boom length beyond 50 meters.

Do you know the longest concrete boom pump in the world? 101-meter concrete boom pump truck from Zoomlion is the longest concrete boom pump all over the world. Its price is up to million dollars.

Also, there are other classifying methods according to the produce capacity, the pumping pressure, the folding section etc. NO matter which methods, the principle does not change. That is the larger scale, the more complex design and the more components including, the higher the price is.


Manufacturers and brands may be the commonly concerned facts for investors. The prices of concrete boom pump various according to the products quality and around-sale service. The more famous brands and the more thoughtful service point to the higher prices.

That is also like two sides of a coin. On one side, famous brands ensure the high produce quality and good working performance. On the other side, the brand effect sometimes leads to an inflated price. That is not what customers need.

Actually, a suitable choice is usually wiser than the expensive option. Hope my opinion can help you get more about the affections ofthe concrete boom pump price. …Read more.

What should you know about work process of a concrete pump?

Concrete pump is a combination equipment of multiple function unites. Each function unit is consisted of many components. These parts cooperate with each other, controlled by the central control unit. The control unit centralized the working mode and the process of each part. Thus, the final function is realized by close cooperation. In this way, concrete pump will complete each kind of concrete pumping task.

diesel concrete pump

The next three minutes, I will take you through the whole working process of a concrete pump. Ready for getting the working principle of a concrete pump.

Step 1 Raw materials Feeding

The first step of the concrete pump is to inject concrete liquid into the pump body. But for different types of concrete pumps, the content of this work is also different.

For concrete mixing pump, in fact, before the liquid concrete is conveyed to the pump body by the mixer, the materials are added from the aggregate, cement, water and so on.

Raw materials such as aggregate and cement are added into the mixer by the loading truck, and water is usually added by a pump and a time relay. According to the pre-designed feeding time, the electric controlling unit controls the amount of raw materials to be added, so as to achieve a more accurate proportion and meet the needs of various engineering materials.

When the sensor detects that the raw materials have reached the preseted number value, it will send a signal to the PLC controller. After receiving the signal, PLC will issue instructions to close the packing door.

The mixing drum is then driven by the main engine and hydraulic motor to thoroughly and evenly mix the measured materials.

After the mixing time stops, PLC will issue instructions again to open the unloading hatch door, then the liquid concrete will be unloaded into the concrete cylinder, waiting to be pumped.

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For concrete pump trailer, without concrete mixing unit, so the concrete must be fed by another single mixer truck. The working process is relatively simple. That is, concrete liquid is ready mixed in the mixer truck can be fed into the concrete cylinder directly.

Step2 Concrete Pumping

Concrete Pumping is the crucial process of the whole pump. That is also the main function of a concrete pump. It seems like a simple process but that is realized by a series of complex device cooperation.working prcess of concrete pump

There are some crucial parts which will help you to get the principle of the working process of the whole system.

First of all, the concrete feeding hopper. It is the place where concrete is fed and also the place where concrete is pumping out. Because the pumping outlet is installed in and through the concrete feeding hopper.

In concrete hopper, there is a hydraulic swing cylinder in which the swing rod is installed. Driven by swing hydraulic system, the swing rod moves left and right continuously to make the glass plate move left and right, finally realize the pumping outlet connecting the two concrete cylinder alternately. Why there are two concrete cylinder? That is to fulfill the continuous concrete pumping.

Now, let’s have a look at the concrete cylinder. Concrete is sucked into a concrete cylinder, meanwhile in the other one, concrete is pushing out into the pipeline.
The movement of sucking and pushing are all realized by concrete rods, which are connected with the hydraulic rods in the hydraulic cylinders driven by hydraulic energy system.
Power hydraulic energy plus the directional control valve block make the two rods in hydraulic cylinders work alternatively and coordinately.

The control of the oil circuit is the key of the cooperation of the two cylinders.

Then, the cooperation between the swing rods and the pumping rods. The movement of the swing rods and the pumping rods are relative closely. Actually, each time the pumping rods reach to the maximum stroke means one pumping process is over. And the swing rod acts to exchange the connection. That is the start of the next pumping.

In this way, the concrete pumping work can be continuously completed. …Read more.

Top Reasons of Buying a Portable Concrete Pump

In the current construction market, the portable concrete pump is a hot sale product, but why is this small portable concrete pump so welcomed by the majority of population? What are the advantages of this small portable concrete pump? Before introducing the advantages of buying a portable concrete pump, let’s go for a concrete pump. A concrete pump is composed of the pump body and a delivery pipeline, which is a construction machinery that uses pressure to continuously transport and pour concrete along the pipeline horizontally and vertically. It is mainly used in housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction and so on. The advantages of a portable pump are presented as below.

portable concrete pump

Strong Mobility

Because of its small size and light weight, it can be directly placed on the floor for on-site pouring and it is especially suitable for construction in high-rise rooms. And it can be easily moved when the position needs to be changed.

Wide Application

The portable concrete pump is flexible, practical and simple, and it can be applied to construction of various civil buildings, highways, irrigation and water conservancy projects, etc. Besides, it is also used in vast rural areas with rugged, steep and winding mountain roads, slope protection, field project development due to its portability.

About applications of concrete pump, you can click here to get more details .

High Efficiency

Pumping system is 10 times more than manual construction, effectively improving production efficiency, greatly shortens the construction cycle and reducing labor costs. In dealing with the shortage of labor, the small portable concrete pump will easily complete the pumping of concrete. Traditional trolleys require extra strength. If you are short of hands, you have to find another way. This is usually done easily with the help of a portable concrete pump, and it is also a good way to save additional money and reduce labor prices.

High Reliability

As the current technology of the portable concrete pump are very mature, the engine and other components are imported from abroad or domestic famous brands with stable performance and long service life. All components use the precious grinding shaft of stamping parts, which is high precision, strong and durable. Also, the product has high safety and low failure rate during construction, and the overall reliability of the equipment is higher than that of the old equipment.

portable concrete mixing pump

The author believes that through the introduction of this article, you have a certain grasp of the characteristics of the portable concrete pump. The price of a portable concrete pump is very cheap so that almost every construction party can afford it. And because of its simple structure, the maintenance cost of a portable concrete pump is quite low, which makes the clients free from worries. Besides, the mobility can ensure you can pump the concrete to the location the project required. The benefits of buying a portable concrete pump are numerous, the author just doesn’t list here. All in all, you deserve buying a portable concrete pump. …Read more.

Benefits of Buying a Concrete Pressure Pump

concrete pump trailerNowadays, the concrete pump market is on the rise throughout the world. The main reason is that after the epidemic, many countries need to maintain the stable operation of national economic order, ensure people’s living standards, speed up infrastructure construction and improve the productivity, safety and quality of some projects, including real estate projects. In addition, the increasing labor cost and the growing emphasis on the shortest construction time have also increased the demand and market share of concrete pumps.

What is a Concrete Pressure Pump?

Concrete pump is a kind of machinery that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline, which is composed of pump body and delivery pipe. And the concrete pump is mainly used for the concrete transportation in large-scale construction projects such as high-rise buildings, highways and overpasses, which can be divided into piston type, extrusion type and hydraulic diaphragm type according to the structural form. At present, the use of the piston type concrete pump is the major trend in the construction field.

Working Process of a Concrete Pressure Pump

trailer concrete pump

The high-pressure oil output by the main oil pump is distributed to the main oil cylinder through the sequence valves, which pushes the piston rod of the main oil cylinder back and forth. Because the piston rod of the main oil cylinder is linked with the piston rod of the concrete cylinder, the piston rod of the concrete cylinder will move backwards and forwards under the push of the high-pressure oil. The suction and extrusion of concrete will be carried out. Meanwhile, two swing oil cylinders drive the swing arm, which will result in switching of S-shaped valve back and forth between the two concrete cylinder outlets under the influence of the swing arm.
Through the continuous reciprocating motion of the concrete cylinders and switching of S-shaped valve backwards and forwards, the continuous suction and extrusion pressure of concrete can be realized, so as to realize the whole pumping process.

Advantages of a Concrete Pressure Pump

As a widely used, popularized and well received concrete transportation tool in the construction site, concrete pressure pump naturally has some prominent advantages:

  • High degree of mechanization, saving construction cost
  • Strong transportation capacity to speed up the construction progress
  • Long distance transportation, not affected by road conditions
  • Strong mobility
  • Low noise and pollution

To Buy or to Rent a Concrete Pump?

For individuals who want to enter the manufacturing industry, the purchase of a concrete pump will benefit them a lot in the long run. Most manufacturers are considering to buy or to rent a boom pump ( Click here  to get more details about concrete boom pump). Before making this decision, some factors should be considered such as sites location, work scope, available employees and time to complete the project. Generally a concrete pump make individuals get the upper hand in any projects. They’d better invest in one instead of renting a concrete mixer pump. At the beginning of buying a concrete boom pump, the investment or cost is probably a little high, however the machine enterprises or individuals bought can avoid spending on hiring the labors in the future. The amount of saving will be more and more tremendous over time, and the money can be used elsewhere. …Read more.