Factors that Affect the Price of Concrete Boom Pump

Concrete Boom Pump is a kind of high-efficient and automatic concrete placing equipment widely used as basic construction machinery. It is an ideal investment option if you want to join in the construction machinery industry.

LUTON Concrete Pump

You know, for the advanced design, complex production process, easy operation and convenient maintenance, the price of concrete boom pump is usually higher than of other pumps.

But how these factors affect the price? Or why it is expensive than other types of concrete pump products? Here reveals the details beneath the fact of concrete boom pump price.

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Raw Materials

As an important fact of product cost, raw material price affects the whole price of concrete boom pump.

High-quality raw material ( such as steel material, alloy material and so on ) is the basic assurance of high-performance concrete boom pump. Of course, the price is relative higher, which cause the basic price of the whole pump equipment.

Otherwise, it does not stay immutable, but fluctuates following the market. It is another aspect of affecting the price of concrete boom pump. Usually, the price will decrease when the
supply is beyond the demand. Conversely, it will increase when the supply can’t meet the demand.


Configuration is another important fact that influences the actual price of boom pump. We all know, there are many Components in a complex concrete boom pump system. The brand, quality, performance, service life of these components are the most crucial aspect affects the price, such as the PLC of Siemens, the relay of Schneider, the controller of Omron, the main oil pump of Kawasaki.

Just like the both sides of a coin, these parts from world famous brands, in one hand, ensures the high working performance of the concrete boom pump, but in the other hand, it leads the
high price.

Products Types

Different types leads to various concrete boom pump price. That is also an important influence.

The longer the concrete boom is, the higher the price is. That is certainly because that the longer concrete boom means the more advanced design process, the more complex producing
technology, and the longer manufacturing period. So it means the production cost is more and the price is higher.

38m concrete boom pump

Usually, concrete boom pumps are classified according to the length of the boom. The length of boom is designed differently by different manufacturers.

Generally speaking, there are three types of concrete boom pump, the short boom pump, the long boom pump and the super long boom pump. The short boom pumps refer to the booms length under 30 meters.

The boom length between 31m to 47m is called the long boom. And the super long boom means the boom length beyond 50 meters.

Do you know the longest concrete boom pump in the world? 101-meter concrete boom pump truck from Zoomlion is the longest concrete boom pump all over the world. Its price is up to million dollars.

Also, there are other classifying methods according to the produce capacity, the pumping pressure, the folding section etc. NO matter which methods, the principle does not change. That is the larger scale, the more complex design and the more components including, the higher the price is.


Manufacturers and brands may be the commonly concerned facts for investors. The prices of concrete boom pump various according to the products quality and around-sale service. The more famous brands and the more thoughtful service point to the higher prices.

That is also like two sides of a coin. On one side, famous brands ensure the high produce quality and good working performance. On the other side, the brand effect sometimes leads to an inflated price. That is not what customers need.

Actually, a suitable choice is usually wiser than the expensive option. Hope my opinion can help you get more about the affections ofthe concrete boom pump price. …Read more.