How to Maintain the Concrete Boom Pump

The concrete boom pump, also called the concrete pump truck, is a machine which uses the pressure to convey concrete continuously along the pipe. By and large, it consists of the pump body and the delivery pipe. And to be more specific, the concrete pump truck is comprised of the pump body installed on an automobile chassis, the elastic placing boom and a truck. ( If you are also interested in any type of concrete pump, welcome to join me to discuss more details about it together.)


Maintaining and using a concrete boom pump is at a relatively high cost. Every part of the concrete boom pump is very important, and various faults will occur during the operation. The boom of the concrete boom pump is the core part, which supports the transmission pipeline and plays a vital role in the transportation of concrete. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the boom is particularly important. The relevant maintenance measures are shown as below:

  • Regularly lubricate and oil each lubricating point of the boom, and use the special grease for the boom of the pump truck to ensure its good working performance.
  • Bolt fasteners, nuts, etc. are regularly reinforced by torque wrench, and reinforced according to the torque of each bolt. If the bolts and nuts are to be replaced, please replace them according to the same specifications and models, including the strength grade of the bolts and nuts.
  • The balance valve of boom cylinder is easy to be blocked due to excessive hydraulic oil impurities. Therefore, the replacement of hydraulic oil of the pump truck should also follow the normal maintenance process of the pump truck.
  • Please use the original pump pipe. Because the material quality of many external pump pipes is not up to standard, the thickness of the pump pipe can only be increased to improve its anti-wear ability. However, the weight of the pump pipe with the same length will certainly increase, which will cause additional load on the boom and affect the service life of the boom. Therefore, try to use the original pump pipe.
  • If any problem is found, it shall be handled immediately. At present, some minor cracks of the boom can still be repaired. However, due to the steel used for the boom and the special welding process, the repair work should also be handled by a regular repair shop or a pump truck brand company.

32m concrete boom pump on site

In general, the boom maintenance of the concrete boom pump is very important. In case of an accident, the consequences will be very serious, and the later maintenance costs will be very high. Therefore, the pump truck boom should be checked regularly to ensure construction safety.