How Long Does A Fixed Concrete Pump Last

Customers who have purchased concrete mixing trailer pumps or consumers who are about to buy them will want to know the quality of brand concrete mixing trailer pumps? How long is the working life? Today, let’s talk about how long the service life of a fixed concrete mixing trailer pump is.

portable concrete mixing pump

Generally speaking, the normal service life of fixed concrete mixing trailer pump is 7-8 years. Of course, that still requires you to perform regular maintenance. After all, the price of the static pump is far from cheap, and it is important to spend money to buy it home and maintain it well. So, how to maintain the concrete mixing pump to improve the service life? There are the following points:

1. In order to ensure the service life of the equipment, the purchased ground fixed pump should be equipped with the original spare parts provided by the merchant. Inappropriate accessories may cause greater wear and tear of the equipment.

2. The optimum ambient temperature for the concrete mixing trailer pump working state is -5℃ to 45℃. When the ambient temperature is not in this range, please contact professional after-sales service consultant to discuss detailed maintenance matters.

3. The concrete fixed trailer pump is only used for mixing and pumping concrete materials. And it is prohibited to use for mixing and conveying other materials. When it is necessary to stir or convey other materials, experts should be consulted for advice in advance, and the necessary measures should be taken before trial implementation.

4. The stationary concrete trailer pump should not be used on slopes, high voltage electricity, flammable, explosive and any other dangerous environment.

5. Without consent, it is forbidden to make any corrections and additions to the machine that may affect the safety.

Do a good job of basic maintenance and achieve standard construction, and the concrete fixed pump will naturally have a long service life.

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