Top Reasons of Buying a Portable Concrete Pump

In the current construction market, the portable concrete pump is a hot sale product, but why is this small portable concrete pump so welcomed by the majority of population? What are the advantages of this small portable concrete pump? Before introducing the advantages of buying a portable concrete pump, let’s go for a concrete pump. A concrete pump is composed of the pump body and a delivery pipeline, which is a construction machinery that uses pressure to continuously transport and pour concrete along the pipeline horizontally and vertically. It is mainly used in housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction and so on. The advantages of a portable pump are presented as below.

portable concrete pump

Strong Mobility

Because of its small size and light weight, it can be directly placed on the floor for on-site pouring and it is especially suitable for construction in high-rise rooms. And it can be easily moved when the position needs to be changed.

Wide Application

The portable concrete pump is flexible, practical and simple, and it can be applied to construction of various civil buildings, highways, irrigation and water conservancy projects, etc. Besides, it is also used in vast rural areas with rugged, steep and winding mountain roads, slope protection, field project development due to its portability.

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High Efficiency

Pumping system is 10 times more than manual construction, effectively improving production efficiency, greatly shortens the construction cycle and reducing labor costs. In dealing with the shortage of labor, the small portable concrete pump will easily complete the pumping of concrete. Traditional trolleys require extra strength. If you are short of hands, you have to find another way. This is usually done easily with the help of a portable concrete pump, and it is also a good way to save additional money and reduce labor prices.

High Reliability

As the current technology of the portable concrete pump are very mature, the engine and other components are imported from abroad or domestic famous brands with stable performance and long service life. All components use the precious grinding shaft of stamping parts, which is high precision, strong and durable. Also, the product has high safety and low failure rate during construction, and the overall reliability of the equipment is higher than that of the old equipment.

portable concrete mixing pump

The author believes that through the introduction of this article, you have a certain grasp of the characteristics of the portable concrete pump. The price of a portable concrete pump is very cheap so that almost every construction party can afford it. And because of its simple structure, the maintenance cost of a portable concrete pump is quite low, which makes the clients free from worries. Besides, the mobility can ensure you can pump the concrete to the location the project required. The benefits of buying a portable concrete pump are numerous, the author just doesn’t list here. All in all, you deserve buying a portable concrete pump. …Read more.